Bad Liebenstein, the oldest spa and health resort of Thuringia has a checkered past. 40 years East Germany was only a fraction for this past, but the more formative for the heads and the appearance of towns and villages in the green heart of Germany. The former "people's spa" in GDR times was the most popular sanatorium of the republic. Experience  now with us again Bad Liebenstein, how it has changed now after the end of the division.
Our current three-star hotel Fröbelhof, ideally situated in the historic ruins of a 200 year old farmhouse, was the cornerstone of the Heinrich Mann sanatorium, built in 1949 architecturally very imaginative and in which only the privileged and party officials of the Republic were allowed to spa.

Accommodation in double or single room
for GDR-founding-year-price of ? 49 in a single room
and reversing years price of ? 89 in a double room
(including a small gift)

Do not be afraid of the border control (check in), we take you into custody just to feel good!

Thematic recommendations for the "Journey into the GDR":
Trip to the Rhön and the former restricted area, visit the beautifully located tourist restaurants and hotels "Cat Stone" and "Eisenach house," the former convalescent home of the Stasi.

Visit the Point Alpha in Geisa, former easternmost border guards of the Americans (elite unit) to the inner-German border, the most dangerous point in Europe during the cold war by concentrated military force, now Border Museum.

Visit the largest woodcarving school of Germany in Empfertshausen / Rhön.

Trip to Eisenach and visit the automobile museum, where the "Wartburg" sedan was produced during GDR times, the indestructible "Trabi" was built in Zwickau.

Trip to Suhl into the car museum, home to the Simson mopeds or visit the legendary weapons muesum or the shooting range, including the former Stasi prison and many pre-fab tower blocks are preserved.

Trip to ski sport town Oberhof, where the most successful DDR biathletes, luge, bobsleigh and ski jumpers were trained in the former sports center.

Tour of the winter sports facilities (ice rink, biathlon arena, largest matt ski jump in the world) and the Panorama hotel, formerly the foreign exchange and international hotel and an example for GDR architecture. The largest ski tunnel in central Europe has now been built in Oberhof.

Continue to Frauenwald and visit to the Bunker Museum, former survival bunker of the Stasi.

Trip to  Meiningen into the South Thuringia State Theatre with a long tradition and a visit or a concert in the former RAW (railroad repair shop), Germany's largest steam locomotive factory.

Trip to Merkers and visit the event marker and mine, the largest potash mining in the former GDR with underground city roads, mining, historic gold room, where in the second World War, the Nazi treasure was stored, Crystal Cave.

Visits to other production facilities of GDR exports located close, such as the factory of the plant Viba (nougat bars) in Floh or the Cuddly Toy Factory Steiner in Georgenthal or the Potter yard in Römhild ...

and much more for every taste ...