The lily in the garden

"Fresh and cheerful, like the lily in the garden,

growing up by God given life
in maternal care and paternal attention,
under the protection of the divine laws,
acting under God's nature and heavenly blessing, the man in the family,
in the garden of God."
Friedrich Fröbel

Our Fröbelhof is a place where you can enjoy with all senses and forget time. All sorts of delightful corners and angles as well as our idyllic "milk garden for good humor" invite you to relax.

Commited to Friedrich Fröbel's spirit, the little ones will find an environment where they have peace, but nevertheless also sufficient active play facilities in the countryside are available, and parents and grandparents can enjoy the time together and relax at the same time. Whether young or old, you can make yourself familiar with the original Fröbel toys, develop a child's creativity and imagination in our games, drawing and crafting, and do horseback riding on the stables right around the corner. The close to nature location of Fröbelhof invites to picnics, walks, observation of nature, and plenty of recreational fun can be found in and around Bad Liebenstein, as well as artistic and musical programs are held regularly with us. With a warm and friendly service we want to offer our guests, whether young or old, small or large, from near or far, a lifetime that you simply must see, feel and experience.

"To play is the highest level of child development, which is a human development at its time."
Friedrich Fröbel