"People who wandered through your garden and field, meadow and grove, why do you not open your mind to hear what nature teaches in a silent language to you."
Friedrich Fröbel

Our home is also the home of elves, fairies, dragons and dwarves.The Thuringian Forest is particularly dense, the moss very soft and the walls are particularly harsh, giving cyclists, hikers, walkers, riders, anglers, canoeists, climbers and bikers all it has to offer. Breathe fresh air at the level of hiking trails, at once historical and cultural trails to pristine nature adventure trails on educational herb walks on well-developed bike paths (Werratal, Rhön, Rennsteig, Tannhäuser bike path), on the Werra-canoe, and enjoy the winding bike trails. Various destinations around Bad Liebenstein make the stay unforgettable. And because we are familiar in our own, please contact us when planning your leisure activities. Whether the grandparents wish for solid days with relaxing trips, or the grandchildren search for action: for any leisure needs, we have suitable ideas ready.

A few recommendations can give a first impression of the wealth of leisure facilities in the region:

Zoo, riding stables and castle ruins in Bad Liebenstein

Experience nature up close, observe and pet animals, is there anything more beautiful for children? Or explore, perhaps even in the twilight, the lighted castle ruins and enjoy the wonderful view from the tower to discover, in the immediate vicinity of the natural scenery of rock theater, the Ida monument and the place of the fairy-tale and legend narrator Ludwig Bechstein. Also from Fröbelhof, you can see the castle.So, can you see your holiday destination from there?

The Fröbel trail Bad Liebenstein-Schweina 

Start from the hotel to the monument Fröbelsruh, chateau continued to Marienthal, visit the Memorial Room in the Mansion Schweina, the Froebel model kindergarten and his grave on Mount Cemetery Schweina. You can extend your walk to the park Altenstein where Froebel playfair took place. Those who want to go further on Froebel's footsteps, is the Fröbeltower in the Froebel birthplace Oberweissbach 100 km or visit Fröbel museum at Bad Blankenburg 100 km.

Castle park Altenstein and Altenstein Cave, 4 km

Fairytale romance promises the English Neo-Renaissance castle built with a cistern and a unique park as one of the most beautiful pieces of Thuringia with the world famous carpet and Knotenbeet, Knight Chapel, devil (hanging bridge), idolino, flower basket rocks, Boniface rocks, Luis Thaler waterfall with chalet, plateau morning gate, rotunda and other gadgets, which in the 19th Century, the Duke family were using to disport and backdrop for glittering parties and are again today. Even Friedrich Fröbel held here a unique game feast in 1850.

The "Rennsteig", longest trail of Europe, 5 km 

Only a few steps and you're on the best-known crest of the Thuringian Forest to do 168 km on the pristine natural beauty of the Central Mountains in all seasons. Are you a real man walking and know the Rennsteig song by Herbert Roth?

Trusetal Waterfall and Dwarf park, 8 km

Experience the thundering noise of the waterfalls in the Trus, 60 m deep, and climb the 200 stairs at waterfalls to get a breathtaking view of the devil pulpit. if you climb the 200 stairs at waterfalls. Just stay close so many garden gnomes and fairies, as she has not seen the world! With a parking orbit, you can drive through the dwarf heavenly city of 5000 square meters and see how the little people live and diligently pursue their work.

Basilika, Caslte, Aktive museum and Water mill in
Breitungen,10 km

Breitungen is a culturally significant site at the Werra, you can discover guided medieval Night watchman tours! You will even find one-Kiessee beach there.

Mini-a-thür and Clock museum in Ruhla, 12 km

Walk with seven-league boots through the centuries past amidst the cultural and richly detailed buildings in Thuringia. There are exhibition models of mini-a-door, which is embedded in an idyllic landscape. Here, the kids have to feel like giants next to education and also a lot of holiday fun.

The Clock Museum is very interesting and is located in a landmark six-story brick building of 1932.  The nearly 150-year tradition watches, technically beautiful yet affordable, are still being produced in Gardé Ruhla.

In the vicinity are also worth a visit to the Greifenwarte "Falknerei am Rennsteig".

Celtic spa and Gradierwerk, Caslte lake, Planetarium in Bad Salzungen, 12 km

Tthen at the graduation is the first German Keltenbad, an ensemble of therapy with fitness club, a brine bath with a water surface of 450 sqm, a salt pot similar to the Dead Sea and one in the Celtic-style sauna area with fireplace, wood, stone oven , earth, Hay oven, Rasul and Sonnenhain imagining you are on the sand and enjoying a warminglight and music by a Celtic day from sunrise to sunset. The regular Celtic Festival is a highlight in Keltenbad. Anyone who wants to experience life first hand the Celtic, which should necessarily go 40 km to Keltendorf.

Summer toboggan run Inselsberg and Inselberg spa, Brotterode 15 km

The Inselsberg, with its 916 m offers a magnificent view over the beautiful Thuringian Forest, they can follow up the steep, mountain biking, take the little train "Inselberg Express" or get even with the car top. At the foot of the Inselsberg the little ones have fun on the summer toboggan run and can jump bungee trampoline.  Cool off atthe Inselsberg water park. 

Medieval town Schmalkalden with Castle Wilhelmsburg, 17 km

A small charming medieval city awaits you with lovingly restored half-timbered houses, picturesque courtyards, narrow streets, a magnificent castle and a lot of history yet to be discovered.

Adventure Mine Merkers, 20 km

Not just a mine like many others, no, an attraction that is unparalleled and the experience is essential! In up to 800 m depth, take trucks through an underground road network of roads with perceived Formula 1 speed. In particular, the ladies should note that the hair under the helmet may suffer a bit, ride a shawl is recommended during the fast, but otherwise it is constant warm. Mining information, Konzertgroßbunker today with the largest bucket wheel excavator in the world, the crystal cave with crystals of salt to 1 m in length and the trailing gold and foreign exchange holdings of the Reichsbank you expect. There's even a cold beer at the crystal it underground. Also mountain bike tours or crystal Marathon will take place here. Groups can "Down Under" in the bunker to climb and shoot with bows and arrows. Just a highlight, as well as the concerts!

Wartburg, Fraternity monument, Bach-/ Luther house, Dragon valley, Automobile museum in Eisenach, 25 km

Walk from the high sun at the B 19 by the mysterious, romantic Dragon Gorge, the unique gorge of the Thuringian Forest, the Song Festival Grounds, through to the legendary Wartburg, which was occupied by the St. Elizabeth, where Luther translated the New Testament, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the way you have breathtaking views to the Wartburg. Small insider tip: when you turn on the road Eliashöhlenweg have alook along the narrow path down into the abyss, seeing the impressive rises of the rocks and the deep canyons.

Fairy tale cave in Walldorf, 30 km

Here the beautiful fairy tale can come true again in an underground labyrinth in a lost time we dream adult and children's eyes amazed ...

Steam Locomotive plant in the Theathertown Meiningen, 35 km

Meiningen embodies the cultural heritage of Duke George II of the Court Theatre staged and well-known artists, as did, for example, Strauss and Max Reger here. A visit to the beautiful Meininger Theater will certainly surpass your expectations. A special concert backdrop is also the most interesting steam locomotive factory. Schloß Elisabethenburg or Fairytale castle Landsberg invite you and many beautiful museums.

Biathlon arena, Ski tunnel and Ice canal in Oberhof,40 km

If you dare, but then you go again with the original four-man inflatable boat or in the ice track with breakneck speed down. Or do you run year-round skiing in Central Europe's largest and technically very interesting built ski tunnel (indoor skiing), where you can as a group and laser shooting. You might even come in costume, because you will get all the equipment at reasonable prices. If you ever want the athletes to experience first hand the World Cup, we also offer a shuttle service. Attractions in Oberhof, of course, the jumps, the Fallbachlift and the "Botanic Rennsteig garden". Not far away at the Adorn You also have the "water head" at 1000 m altitude.

Castle Friedenstein and Horse racecourse in Gotha, 40 km

Gotha is one of the most beautiful residential cities in Thuringia. The castle Friedenstein with beautiful landscape park and the limonaia Ekhof Theatre, the oldest Baroque theater. The palace building is surrounded by one of the strongest fortifications, a walk through the casemates extends to 300 m length! Bet you like? Then visit the nearby Boxberg the oldest horse racing track in Germany.

Point Alpha and border museum in Geisa/Rhön, 40 km

Point Alpha is the name of the U.S. observation post as the focal point in the Cold War. Today's memorial includes the border fortifications of the GDR and a museum and therefore is a unique witness of the power struggle between two political systems and an authentic place of learning the history dar.

Hike also the "path of hope", consisting of 14 monumental sculptures at the former death strip at the border.

But you enjoy all kinds of facts and the beautiful pristine nature and landscape of the Rhön and the tourist restaurants "Katzenstein", "Eisenach house and Thuringian Rhön house" in a uniquely beautiful places. Or take a detour to the "Black Moor" or "water summit" or the "Kreuzberg" or "Enzian Hütte".

Baumkronenpfad & Feensteig at National park Hainich, 55 km

You can explore at dizzying heights, a path that winds into two loops of 200-300 m length through the jungle-book crowns and a tree tower with a tree house, which rises 44 meters above the tree tops, where the life of the "tree people" can be seen up close. The nearby fairy-tale nature path "Feensteig" with labyrinth provides in a natural and fun way, knowledge and fairy magic.

Weapons museumcar museum in Suhl, 60 km

The city offers traditional weapons Suhl heart of the beautiful Vessertal you very interesting insights into the history of hunting rifles and Simson-vehicle production.

Cathedral and Severi church, Krämer bridge in Erfurt, 70 km

Erfurt ist eine wunderschöne Stadt, die geschichtliche Raritäten aufzuweisen hat, wie beispielsweise den imposanten Dom mit der St. Severi,  das , die Krämerbrücke als einzige bebaute Brücke nördlich der Alpen, wo Sie in den kleinen Antiquitätenläden nach Herzenslust stöbern können. Erfurt ist zugleich ein Einkaufsparadies. Erfurt is a wonderful city to exhibit the historical curiosities, like for example the imposing cathedral with the St. Severi, the Augustinian monastry, the Merchants' Bridge is the only inhabited bridge north of the Alps, where you can browse in the little antique stores. Erfurt is also a shopping paradise.

Classic city Weimar, Goethe- and Schiller house, 90 km

In today's UNESCO World Heritage city of Goethe and Schiller lived and worked, the musicians Bach and Liszt, and the avant-garde Bauhaus Gropius and Feininger. Art and culture give this city its charming spell. The plans of the Bauhaus director Walter Gropius, build in bathroom love stone towards our Froebel Court on a mountain ash Friedrich-Froebel-Haus in Bauhaus architecture remained, unfortunately, unrealized and it therefore followed the Bauhaus Dessau. Friedrich Froebel regarded as inspirer of the Bauhaus art, therefore, a permanent exhibition in our plans Fröbelhof

Toy museum in the toy city Sonneberg, 120 km

A journey through the toy land of centuries, a dream for young and old, which you and your children should not be missed, even if the journey there a little longer. The "Thüringer fair", which already exhibit 1910 world exhibition in Brussels, you can also admire in the museum. Also wonderful toys you can buy in Sonneberg. Or visit the world famous company "Plüti" to the factory many beautiful stuffed animals and teddy bears.