"Come, let us live our children!"
Friedrich Fröbel

Why the idea of Friedrich Froebel especially is so valuable today

As the first hotel in the world, which alignes its philosophy with the ideas of Friedrich Froebel, we would like to begin by introducing the man who lived 1849 in our home and had impressed us so much by his work that we want to continue his ideas 200 years later. 

Friedrich Fröbel and Pestalozzi - the dreamteam from the 19th century

Friedrich Froebel was next to Pestalozzi probably the most important teacher of romance. In times of revolution, he was the one who invented the first kindergarten in the world. He created his own philosophical-anthropological world and idea of man and aspired to the concept of a simple country life.

He coined the major Bauhaus-style through the invention of his toys - ball, roller and die. He created the concept of "all-round life settlement" and established the first nursery school in the world. His greatest work "The education of people" is published today in the universities around the world.

But what was Friedrich Froebel really striving for?

To put it simple Froebel wanted to make the world a better place. So he began his work with those people that will shape the future - the children. Froebel was convinced that children should not be set out to an overabundance of toys and fast-changing offers, but develop their creativity on the base of simple naturalness and at rest, such as walks and hikes, crafts, gardening, physical activities, music, singing, and drawing, by playing focused on simple natural materials and toys, through movement, art and role play.

The focus of his idea was always the community in the family. For only through the loving care of mother and father and joint play and exploring the nature children mature into responsible adults who maintain a friendly deal with others and care in a sustainable manner with the resources of nature. This means that the key to a better world lies in the education of our children and in a caring family that provides a feeling of security.

"Education is giving example and love, nothing else."Friedrich Fröbel

We want our idea to touch your soul

The idea of Friedrich Froebelhas not only impressed us, it has touched our soul. We are convinced that today, in a period in which time in almost every family has become a luxury by itself,  that Froebel's educational approach is more important and the sustainable management of our environment is more relevant than ever.

Therefore, the guiding principle of our hotel  is as simple as the idea that the great educator Friedrich Froebel once had: We want you to enjoy the little things in life that you find in a quiet and rural atmosphere of calm and relaxation. We want you to re-develop creativity and imagination, experience inspiration in untouched nature with walks in the nearby Thuringian Forest. Rural healthy meals and a friendly warm tone or voice are commonplace in our Fröbelhof. We want you to rebuild and just have a good time with he family. All this is what we can offer you. And a little bit more - a home.